Padawan Jedi Archivist


Jedi Consular → Jedi Scholar
Core name: Naramett
Age: 16 (A legal adult physically and socially by Chiss standards.)


Aven’aram’etter arrived alone at the Jedi temple on Coruscant when he was eight, having been given up willingly by his family as soon as his force sensitivity was recognized. Naramett took to being a Jedi like a good Chiss, with plenty of discipline and self-control. The strict Jedi lifestyle wasn’t much of a struggle for him, but he never deviated from his responsibilities, which resulted in a very cloistered individual. He rarely left the temple, never really learned to fence, and was so antisocial that there were some doubts that the Chiss archivist actually existed at all.

He narrowly escaped Anakin Skywalker’s Operation: Knightfall when his master sacrificed himself helping Naramett to evade the troopers. Naramett hid in the lower levels of Coruscant with a pack full of precious Jedi holocrons. He’s determined to preserve what little history he managed to save, both in the holocrons and his own memory.

Rine Sarn, Twi’lek, female, purveyor of rare artifacts. Rine is often little more than a tomb raider and smuggler, and she’s learned to distrust authority during her difficult life. But she knows the Jedi are good customers, and they’re willing to pay well for anything that has a whiff of Force around it. Naramett and his master were frequent customers. She’s reluctant to get involved in the conflict erupting around the Jedi, but in a moment of weakness and guilt, she helped Naramett to get off Corcuscant after his escape from the assault on the temple.

Genya Tisa, Hutt, male, librarian/collector. Genya collects and guards his library in a way that would make any crime lord proud. The only difference is that his business is literature and history instead of illegal goods (although he has a remarkable affinity for banned books). Naramett’s master worked with him frequently, obtaining scraps of rare information for the Jedi… for a price. Genya is well connected, and never malicious, but is careful not to act unless it benefits him.

Aven’ir’etter, aka Nairett, Chiss, female, soldier. Naramett’s older sister. She was just becoming a young adult when her younger brother was handed over to the Jedi. She believed that her parents shouldn’t have given him up, especially since at the time the Jedi order was not even aware of him. After hearing word of the attacks on the Jedi, Nairett declared it her familial responsibility to locate her little brother. If she finds a corpse, then the least she can do is give him a proper burial in Csilla, but she vehemently believes that any Chiss is smart enough to survive this chaos.

SC-9. Archivist droid Naramett escaped with.


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